Kingfisher Consulting offers services in reservoir engineering ranging from flood studies and design of spillways and other hydraulic structures through to dam raising and slope remediation.

Jonathan Butterworth has been a member of the Supervising Panel under the Reservoir Act 1975 since its inception in 1987. He is currently appointed Supervising Engineer on nineteen large raised reservoirs and has been a member of the main committee of the British Dam Society. He was editor of the prestigious Dams and Reservoirs Journal from 2014 to 2017, a peer-reviewed publication distributed to 169 countries.

Current work for 2018 includes remediation of seven cascade dams, new grass reinforced spillways for two reservoirs in the Midlands, new overflow structures for a large raised dam in the Pennines and risk assessment of various dams in Scotland.

In addition to in-house Supervising Engineer duties, we are able to offer statutory dam inspections through a network of independent members of the All Reservoir Panel.